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See mom, so many instant apps 😍

Β· 4 min read
Harsh Gupta

Last weekend at Felvin, we hosted an open source hackathon on instant apps. The purpose was twofold, one to give students a little nudge to create instant apps, two to stress test our instant apps system and see how easy it is for people to create instant apps. Happy to call the Hackathon a success on both fronts. Each participant created 4.5 instant apps on average in less than 48 hours. Either the participants were very motivated or we made it very easy for them to create the instant apps or both πŸ˜‰.

Here are our winners:

Nehal Sharma#


πŸ‘‹ I am Nehal Sharma, a 2nd year student at IIIT Lucknow, studying Computer Science. I enjoy web development, and love contributing to open source. These days I'm engrossed in Hacktoberfest, and it's been both hectic and fun, and of course full of learning! Thanks to this project, I learnt how to write styled components, and brushed up my React skills this weekend.

GitHub: @N-Shar-ma

Apps Created#

Markdown to HTML#

Given Markdown generates corresponding HTML which has the same output as the inputted markdown, and lets the user easily copy he HTML


QR Code Generator#

Encode ANY string, be it a link or plain text, in a QR code


Website Finder#

Find the icon for any website

Trending on GitHub#

Get an overview of the top 8 trending repositories of the day without needing to go to GitHub's website

Merge PDFs#

Merge multiple PDFs into 1 PDF

Hello World in multiple languages#

Check out what the hello world program looks like in over 650 languages (this is an app I've personally wanted to have since long)


Harsh Mishra#


Hey, I am Harsh Mishra, a Junior in ECE at IIT Dhanbad. I am a Machine Learning and an Open Source Enthusiast. This year I had my Google Summer of Code with AOSSIE organisation. I love to work on projects solving real-life problems. These days I am exploring Web Dev.

This hackathon has helped me brush up on my React Skills. I learned about many different modules, which I hadn't encountered till now. I also learned about styled-components too.

From my personal Experience, Creating Instant Apps was super cool and easy, and I'll be looking forward to contributing further.

GitHub: @MiHarsh

Apps Created#

Flip a coin#

An instant app that simulates flipping a coin and results in either Heads or Tails.


Unit Convertor#

Users will now be able to perform Unit conversions with the support of 45 different unit types. No longer need to search for other converters.

Photo Hosting#

A Photo hosting service Instant App that greatly facilitates everyday work with various types of graphics. It helps to create a URL for our images quickly to promote sharing them with other users easily.


Image Cropper#

An Instant app for cropping images, enabling easy selection, cropping and downloading images.


Rajiv Harlalka#


Hola everyone πŸ˜ƒ! Rajiv(aka: Vijard πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ ) this side . I am a second year UG student at IIT Kharagpur , currently motivated more towards backend engineering and web development (πŸ•ΈοΈ <-- not this one ofc ) . Contributions to this project was start to my open-source journey and hoping to do more in the near future. Learnt a lot about UI styling and React during this hackathon as well as contributing in this project.

GitHub: @rajivharlalka

Apps Created#

Color Picker#

Color Picker, allows user to pick colors


Crypto Prices#

See live prices of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium


Live Markdown Preview#

Live Markdown editor and preview

Image Compressor#

Compresses and image to save space, can be useful for Government forms which have limit on image sizes.


Chirag Ghosh#


Heya! Chirag here. I am a student interested in coding and trying to fit in the open-source world. I love web development ( frontend more ). Also, I love clicking photos.

GitHub: @chirag828049

Apps Created#

JWT Token decoder#

PR LinkThis instant app will help developers validate the JWT tokens. decode-jwt


PR Link : Ofcourse the pokemon world is lovely. Fulfilling the love for pokemon is an instant app a.k.a mini pokedex.


The TV Shows app#

PR Link My friends suggest me various TV series all day. Getting info about them with just one click is kinda a necessity now. This app caters to that need. tv-shows-app

URL Shortener#

PRLink : No more lengthy urls. cut them short. (Bonus: Rickroll your friends using a different link. Satisfaction!). shorten-url

Curious? Checkout our instant-apps github repository to learn more about instant apps. Happy Hacking πŸ’»